Latest Advances in LASIK Technology

Corrective eye treatment surgeries has seen tremendous technical advances in recent years. These advances include areas in LASIK eye surgeries and advanced intraocular implants.

Ultra LASIK is the next generation technology in corrective eye surgery. Ultra LASIK surgery is a unique experience, where it helped millions of people avoid the obstacles of wearing contact lenses and medical eye glasses when performing their regular daily activities and favorite sports. It is the globally accredited technique in order to successfully join aviation and military academies.

Real-time Iris Recognition technology used in conjunction with LASIK allows for highly effective and accurate treatment of a wide range of vision problems, including correct for short sight, astigmatism, long sight and presbyopia and severe cases of vision defects. Treatments performed using this technique are customized, and based on each patient's unique eye map.

The Eye Consultants clinic facilities houses the best machines in laser eye surgery technology. The WaveLight® EX500 Excimer is the fastest and most accurate refractive surgery platform available in the UAE. Not only does this allow the fast completion of the operation, but also increases the safety and success rating of the procedure.

The duration of the Ultra LASIK procedure can last between 30 to 60 seconds per eye, in addition to 10 minute waiting period after the procedure, where the patient sits comfortably for observation. Ultra LASIK is considered one of the safest procedures, with a success rate of over 98%.

The Ultra LASIK procedure becomes an even more unique experience when performed at the Eye Consultants Clinic in Dubai, where the patients’ families and friends may watch the operation being performed live through a secure glass barrier a in a private and sterilized environment.

Preliminary instructions for the patient prior to performing LASIK eye surgery in general include: refraining from the use of cameras, avoid applying makeup, or the use of contact lenses.

Benefits of Ultra LASIK include fast healing and quick visual recovery, so patients can resume their regular daily activities within 1-2 days. The procedure is also painless during and after the surgery. patients are advices to avoid rubbing the eye and avoid exposure to dust and direct sunlight for one day post operation.

Dr. Tarek Ibrahim, MD, PhD, FICO (Hon.)

Ophthalmology Consultant

Head of Cornea & Refractive Surgery